Baby Needham 2023

Kathleen & Oliver Needham are very excited to be welcoming Baby Needham into the world in July 2023.

We intend to visit the USA for Christmas & New Year this year, so baby will have an opportunity to meet its international family!


If you wish to give gifts to the Needham family ahead of baby’s arrival here’s a few options.

Amazon Baby Wishlist

We have put together a baby wishlist on Amazon UK.

Items gifted from the wishlist will be sent directly to our home in Peterborough.

Those based in the USA will need to create an Amazon UK account to use this wishlist. This is separate to an Amazon USA account.

We are unable to use Amazon Gift Vouchers in US Dollars in the UK.

John Lewis

We also have a wishlist with UK department store, John Lewis.

You do not need a John Lewis account to gift from them and they accept payments from international cards.

Food Delivery

If you would like to send a meal to the household, one way you can do this is by gifting a Deliveroo or Uber Eats gift card.

We’ll then be able to order our favourite takeaways to our front door.

Cash Gifts

If you intend to give a cash gift from the USA, to ensure your gift is received as intended and reduce currency conversion rates & fees, we ask you to send it to Susan or Denver Nolin. They will then transfer it to us in one go.

We are unable to use Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards in US Dollars in the UK.

UK family members are able to send cash gifts using the link below and any bank card. This service is provided by our bank, Starling Bank.

Please contact Kathleen or Oliver directly for alternative bank transfer details.